The Wisdom of Arsetotle is a series of short comedies shot in the 2014/15 football season starring the fictional philosopher brother of Arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger.
Director: Crispin Holland. Arsetotle: Andy HarrisonScriptwriter: Martin Wroe. Additional gags: Paul Powell.
The Wisdom of Arsetotle YouTube channel
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I shot & edited this short comedy film for the brilliant comedian Bennett Arron playing his investigative journalist character Hilary Watt.
A Silly Papi/CrispTV Production
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Andy Harrison again, writer and actor taking the mick out of George ‘Dubya’ Bush, who with the state of the world today we all look back on with nostalgia – he was a leader, a statesman, an intellectual giant…
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I was asked by Chris Grist of CMG Promotions/ZUM Records to shoot & edit a 70 minute piano recital by Warren Mailley-Smith at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square. This is a 3 minute taster of the resulting DVD which went on sale. Interviews as ‘DVD extras’ were also shot with Warren.
Due to the restricted nature of the budget, a pretty impressive result was achieved using three fixed and one operated camera, with moves being put in during the edit.
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A simple shoot of this 4 part harmony group, recorded on a stereo pair of condenser mics.
Tell Me On Sunday are Rick Leigh, Gabe Holland, Millie Holland & Daisy Holland.
Live recording: one take, no edits or sweetening (just a little compression).
Words/music/arrangement © Crispin Marcus Holland
Crispin Holland, director – 07711 069 100 –


Yes, it was me singing a delusionally triumphant yet doomed ditty, walking down a corridor of the World Cup greats, blinking into oblivion as the half-hearted incompetents in the England team crashed out of the 2010 competition in South Africa.
It’s trickier than you think to stay on a green screen treadmill for 4 minutes with no handrail worrying about the focus, composition of the shot and the expression on your face!
Challenging to put this one together – mucho mucho graphics.
Words/music: Crispin Holland. Producer Michael Wolff.
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Willie Williams, long time lighting designer for U2, exhibited his light sculpture show ‘Lumia Domestica’ at the London gallery Wallspace, who commissioned this film.
It i
nvolved shooting an interview, beauty shots, exteriors, covering the opening event & graphic elements.
Quite a challenge to shoot in almost complete darkness!
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